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3.25" External Bypass Coilover

3.25" External Bypass Coilover

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Here we have our 3.25” External Bypass Coilover and it is the most capable shock we offer.  Just like the 2.5,” our proprietary and patented design provides unparalleled performance and adjustability in one single shock. 

Every Compression,  Rebound, and even the Bump zone is adjustable on your car, with no valve shims to mess with whatsoever.  Simply turn the adjusters and dial in your vehicle, easy as that. 

This 3.25” bypass shock does not use basic port holes, flapper check valves, or valve shims of any kind.  Externally Adjustable bypass tubes with Coil-Spring Check Valves, (like any External Bypass Shock) are utilized in this RevShocks powerhouse.  

Available in an 8-Valve, External Bypass Coilover, this shock has 4 Compression Adjusters (one is the Bump Zone), Three Rebound Adjusters, and a single, Free-Bleed Adjuster that works in both Rebound and Compression. 

Of the 8 Bypass Valves (and corresponding adjusters), 2 are specifically for High Shaft Speeds.  Think about it like this: All valves come into play at higher shaft speeds and the two, “High Speed” valves will shut off at low shaft speeds.  These valves help vehicle stability at low speeds and to further prove the point, our in-house Race Car (which has racked up multiple wins in 2023) does NOT use sway bars.

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