How RevShocks Work



REVSHOCKS are 100% EXTERNALLY Adjustable, multi-position, coil-over bypass shocks.  Every single bypass valve is controlled/tuned from the OUTSIDE with a single wrench.  We all know about external bypass shocks and these function just the same (although they perform much better), with hydraulic bumps, and everything is packaged nicely within a coil-over shock.  

A huge advantage to this shock is that you simply adjust it on your car.  The valve adjusters are conveniently located on the TOP CAP of the shock and they are used to control everything inside.  You do not remove the shock and disassemble it for costly (and time consuming), valving and setup changes. Once you identify the change you want to make, turn the appropriate adjuster screw clockwise for more valving or counterclockwise for less.  It's really that simple. 



Just a few of the test vehicles we're currently using.  There's simply no better way to test (and show) performance and durability than desert racing, so that's what we do!  The Yamaha has 3.25" 8-Valve Shocks on all 4 corners.  The Polaris RZR and Honda Talon both have 2.5" 6-Valve Shocks on the Front and 3.25" 8-Valve Shocks on the Rear. 


REVSHOCKS are an updated, redesigned, and refined version of an "externally adjustable internal bypass shock" as sold by Revolution Racing Shocks circa 2007-2015.  We're the same company, but we've spent many years redesigning, refining, and testing certain details in order to maximize performance and optimize the design for manufacturing.



There's a lot happening beneath the shock body and most people don't really need to worry about all of that.  The whole point of this shock is better performance and simple tuning that you can do yourself. For those of you that want to know more specifically how they work, continue reading.

So, with that said, here's a quick summary.  The adjusters on the top cap are connected to metering rods that are located in the space between an inner and outer shock body.  Those rods can be adjusted to increase or decrease oil flow around the piston (bypass) in specific positions or zones of travel. There are multiple adjusters (with corresponding bypass tubes and check valves) to control compression and rebound of the shock. 

Picture a typical external bypass shock with a coil over body around it.  To put it as simply as possible, we've done that.  But wait, there's more!  REVSHOCKS are not only position sensitive, they're also velocity sensitive and that's adjustable from the outside of the shock as well.  There isn't another shock in the world that gives you these options and it's truly is the best of both worlds without compromise.  



Below are just a few of the parts that are meticulously machined to precise tolerances in our California facility.