Some action from our Yamaha YXZ during a test session at Plaster City. For those who don't know, YXZ's aren't known for their handling. This one certainly works well!


Below is a little clip from testing a Honda Talon. This is within an hour of driving the car with brand new REVSHOCKS front and rear.  This car is setup with our 2.5" 6-Valve shocks in the Front and 3.25" 8-Valve Rear.  


The video below features the same car as above, but this time we've got 2.5" 3-Valve shocks up front and 2.5" 6-Valve shocks in the rear.  Stock Honda front springs and Eibach rear springs were used.  It took us a couple hours (at best) with a single 1/4" ratchet wrench to get this car working as you see it here.